00 Volume 7 Front Cover small FINE ART TECHNIQUES Volume 7 Adobe Elements – Intermediate Layers, Masks and Selections 6x9 full color 60 pages of step-by-step instructions     Experience/Requirements – You own Adobe Elements 11 or 12 software. You have an understanding of folders and files/images in folders. And you have a basic understanding of The Organizer, Photo Editor and Adobe Camera Raw features and screen formats. Or, you own and read my Fine Art Techniques Volume 6 - Elements Basics.The book teaches fine art techniques for post processing files/images. You will learn layers, masks and selections of the Photo Editor by using the sample images I provided for each section. When you become comfortable using the Fine Art Techniques in Adobe Camera Raw and the Photo Editor you will begin to create images with impact. We often do not use techniques because we don’t understand how and when to use them. Too often instructions are detailed descriptions of the feature or tool and how it functions rather than how and when to apply them to images. This book is different. Download sample images from so that you work on the same images that are in the exercises in this book. Sample Images Are Provided For the Exercises FINE ART TECHNIQUES VOLUME 7 Adobe Elements – Intermediate - Layers, Masks and Selections This fine art techniques workbook of 60 pages contains five sections with step-by-step exercises for understanding the basics of layers, masks and selections. SECTION 1 – UNDERSTANDING BASICS OF LAYERS SECTION 2 – UNDERSTANDING BASICS OF MASKS SECTION 3 – UNDESTANDING BASICS OF SELECTIONS SECTION 4 – USING LAYERS, MASKS AND SELECTIONS SECTION 5 – CHALLENGES USING LAYERS, MASKS AND SELECTIONS Section 1 Page 0Section 2 Page 0 Section 3 Page 0Section 4 Page 0Section 5 Page 0 For Pricing and Purchase Information Contact John at: 678-427-5423