Front Cover Fine Art Tech Vol 8 small JPG          FINE ART TECHNIQUES       SPECIAL ENHANCEMENTS                          Volume 8 This workbook came about because so many photographers asked me how to enhance images using artistic techniques related to image highlights, shadows, panoramas and image size enhancements.   Good photographers take great pictures, great photographers create images. An image is something that evokes an emotional response from the viewer.   The ability to combine the technical with the creative enhancements is how great images are produced. Such image enhancements seem so confusing.  I believe this book will teach you how to enhance shadows, highlights, straighten lines, stitch panoramas and change the impact of the shape of images.  The tools include Dodge and Burn with the ability to select a portion of an image and expand or reduce the shape.  This book provides step-by-step exercises for each of the following sections. Download the Sample Images and work the exercises in the book.
  • SPECIAL FINE ART TECHNIQUES Dodge, burn, Adobe Camera Raw enhancements
  • PANORAMA STITCHING AND ENHANCEMENTS Combine multiple images into a single image
  • MAKING SPRING INTO AUTUMN Change the greens of spring into beautiful autumn colors
  • SCRUNCH AND STRETCH Adjust the shape of the image to emphasize the impact
  • UPRIGHT AND STRAIGHT CORRECTIONS Straighten titled buildings and objects
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