A large 12x12 full-color book
John Mariana's new, beautiful book takes you with him through the Renaissance cities and the vineyards and ancient towns of Tuscany.John invites you to see through his eyes the rolling and romantic landscapes, walled cities and churches of Tuscany. Experience through his artistic vision the intimacy of Venice and the beauty of Florence and Rome.This is a large book measuring 12 inches long by 12 inches wide and contains 135 pages with 180 full color photographs.image_1John has a unique color palette for his images and he possesses the artistic talent for presenting the real world in its most beautiful form. He transforms images into vibrant and emotionally filled images.Many of the images are created from multiple separate images to create a broad panorama. From the late day warm light to the stream of soft light falling through widows of churches and other interiors. His images are filled with subtle details in all areas of the photograph.View Italy Visions and other Visions in the galleries at
Dust Jacket The dust jacket is a glossy full color wrapping around the hard cover book.
Single Page Images The opening pages for each major section are illustrated with art work and complimented with a special photograph.
image_3Tuscany image_4Rome image_5Ancient Town
Two Page Spread The book contains many two page spreads providing full emotional impact.
Opening pages to the section on Venice.
Opening pages to Tuscany - Churches and Abbeys. Multi-Image Pages Many pages present multiple images and provide additional images on the opposite page.
For Pricing and Purchase Information Contact John at: 678-427-5423