12x8 book with 80 full-color pages
John Mariana's first, beautiful book takes you with him through the Borderlands and West Highlands of Scotland. John invites you to see through his eyes the abbeys, churches, castles and the whimsy of the Scottish people.John has a unique color palette for his images and he possesses the artistic talent for presenting the real world in its most beautiful form. He transforms images into vibrant and emotionally filled images. image_1John's book shows his tremendous artistic talent for presenting the real world in its most beautiful form. From the late day warm light on Melrose Abbey to the stream of heavenly light rays falling on Eilean Donan castle in the Highlands, his stunning images are filled with subtle details in all areas of the photographs.The book contains 80 full color pages and is divided into six sections.image_2

Sample Pages

Single Image Page
  The book is a photographic guide as well as a presentation of the beauty of Scotland. For each image John describes his photographic approach and his mental and emotional reaction to the scene in front of his lens.Each image has the "Image information:" consisting of the lens, white balance, ISO, exposure settings and the description of multiple images when a panorama is presented. The book also provides details for locating the site of the image in the "Getting there:" description of location and roads to follow. image_3
Two Page Spread The book contains two page spreads that present the full emotional impact of a scene and numerous full page images.
Multi-Image Pages Many pages present multiple images and provide an interesting history or tale of the castle, church or abbey.
Maps Pages Detailed maps showing the locations of the photographic sites.
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